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My name is Loralee Dubeau and I live in Charlton, MA.  I do psychic energy readings and am a dream interpreter - I make flower essence remedies for Lyme disease, menopause, depression, and anxiety as well as custom essences. I am also an author, educator, spiritual counselor and intuitive consultant.  My spiritual consulting practice consists of Flower Essences, Dream Interpretation and Psychic Readings. I invite you to browse the website and inquire about my services and products.

For over 20 years, I have provided intuitive and spiritual services to help clients find answers and direction in their life.  As a mediator to the spirit world, I help clients process and heal mental, emotional and spiritual issues. As a medium, spirits that have crossed often use me to contact and give messages to love ones during psychic readings.

I have devoted my life to communing with the spirit world through daily prayer and ceremony.  As a child, I had the ability to see energy, auras, connect to the energy centers within the body and communicate with departed souls.   

Through my work with the Circle of Grandmothers, I have been given the teachings about dream interpretation, so that I can process and understand the dreamtime. 

I am also trained in flower essence remedies that provide relief from emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imbalances and blocks. I have developed standard flower essence remedies to help with menopause, anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia and Lyme disease.

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master teacher, Karuna Reiki Master teacher and Universal Life Church Minister.  I am also an Elder teacher of the Good Medicine Society and a member of the White Buffalo Calf Women's Society.

As a certified trainer, I have taught in both commercial and holistic settings since 1989.

I believe when the spirit of a person is imbalanced, it will affect the mental, emotional and physical states of being.

My mission is to help individuals reclaim their spirit and well being. You may find my published spiritual novels, "There's A Whole In The Sky," and "The Honey Pit, Finding the Grandmother's Way" very helpful in this regard.

The Divine Spirit works through me to guide and aid clients to reach their potential.

Since each individual is responsible for their own healing, I can neither take credit when a client is helped, nor take responsibility if a client is unable to process issues in their life. 

Whether it's for dream interpretation, a flower essence consultation or a psychic reading, I look forward to helping and guiding those individuals who are in need of my services and products

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You can email me at info@dream-flowerconsultant.com  or call me at 508-873-3608.