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Flower Essence Consult

Flower essences are used to transform patterns in the soul and create changes and self awareness. They are effective and safe for both humans and animals.

What are they?:

Flower essences contain the life force of the Sun and flower blossoms.

Flower essences are used to treat the emotional, mental and spiritual life purpose states of being. They are infusions for inner health and harmony. They bring the mind and body into well being.

There are 38 different mother flower essences.

Flower essence remedies contain 3-7 different essences. They add to your life force (energy)

They help to change personality, soul conditions and behaviors that distance us from Nature and our true self.

How do they work?

The tinctures can be taken under the tongue, on the wrists, on the lips, in a bath or placed in a glass of water and sipped throughout the day. Drops are typically taken 3 or 4 times per day. They work by flooding the body with positive essence. While they normally create subtle shifts within 2-6 weeks, subtle relief may be noticed within days.

Longstanding issues may take longer to relieve and may need several consults or different tinctures over time as issues are released.

Prices: 1 phone session is $100.00 (U.S.) and includes a one ounce tincture that is custom formulated for your particular need. Extra one ounce supplies can be purchased for $20.00 (U.S.) plus tax and shipping and handling. Please click on the Buy Now icon below and proceed through the checkout process. I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

You can email me at info@dream-flowerconsultant.com  or call me at 508-873-3608.




Suggested Standard Drops for chronic conditions

Menopause Drops {helps with menopause}

Calm Drops {for anxiety and stress}

Dream Drops {for peaceful rest and remembering your dreams}

Joy Drops {helps alleviate depression symptoms}Mo

Lyme Drops {helps mental/emotional symptoms of Lyme Disease}

Emergency Drops {for accidents, insect bites, trauma}  

Fear, Phobia Drops {helps with known fears}

Post Traumatic Stress Drops {helps alleviate stress from past traumas}