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The Honey Pit: Finding The Grandmother's Way


The Honey Pit-Finding the Grandmother’s Way is an inspirational novel of timeless, enriching and thought provoking teachings.

The story chronicles the mystical experiences of New Englander, Laurel Cannon, who at age forty finds herself divorced from a short-lived marriage. 

Laurel’s spiritual practice of Native American ceremonies leads her to an initiation into a women’s society and on an incredible journey to uncover and heal her buried sadness.

After nine months of preparation, Laurel finds herself questing alone on a hill in the scorching heat in an isolated Texas town, hoping to find clarity to deal with life’s challenges.

A series of encounters with and teachings from an elder Native American woman, require her to enter The Honey Pit - a place for healing deep within.

Like a caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly, she envisions a path of empowerment by embracing the teachings, her feminine self and sacred purpose.

Loralee Dubeau is a flower essence, dream and intuitive consultant, lecturer, teacher and follows the Native American ceremonial path. She is an elder teacher of the Good Medicine Society, a Universal Life minister and author of There’s a Whole in the Sky. Loralee lives in Webster, Massachusetts with her husband Paul Samuels.

The Honey Pit-Finding the Grandmother’s Way is available at www.amazon.com or www.bn.com